5 SEO Strategies for Contractors in Missoula

1) Research

Know what kind of things people are searching for in Missoula by putting yourself in the shoes of real people searching locally on google. There is a reason why things like DYI’s, FAQ’s, and current events are super popular. It’s because this information is useful, and people need to know this information NOW.

2) Make a Video

No, it does not have to be professional. Every time you do a job and someone asks you a question like “what is the best brand of energy efficient windows I could buy”….or “when should I be cleaning my air ducts”, or “how to not get ripped off when choosing a contractor”…all of these things people search for–and allows you to build credibility, a plug for your company (at the beginning and at the end), and most importantly allows your company name to rank higher when people search for either your company name, or the words in your video, the video’s title, and the meta-tags (you’ll see a place to add these when you post your video).

A regular phone recorded video is fine, but if you want more ideas to make the video even better for SEO and your viewers: make sure your video has proper transcription (i.e. closed captioning–youtube normally does this automatically for you), say your name and location in the video, provide real value for 90% of the video without any selling, put a link to your website in the description of the video, don’t add–or have playing in the background non-royalty free music (google has royalty-free music if you want to add this in), and lastly go on Fiverr.com and have someone make you a cheap intro/outro for added marketing/branding.

3) Attend Community Events!

Everytime you go to an event such as chamber of commerce meeting, or you are donating blood at the red-cross truck,…even petting kitties/dogs at the SPCA, it represents a big opportunity to capture real/original content for easy SEO/visibility. If you don’t know how to post on social media, it might be a great time to ask the teenager in the family to help–or even borrow a millenial from a neighbor who’s gate you just fixed to help take pictures, film you, and if you trust them enough–even post for you on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Before handing over the reins or posting on Social Media, in general it is a good idea to test yourself or your helper on these rules and suggestions for using each of these platforms.

4) DYI's

Do-It-Yourselfs are some of the most looked for content that people are searching for on the internet right now. And while you might be thinking as a contractor, “wait a minute…won’t this mean less business for me?” The thing is that the kind of people that search for this information will find out regardless of whether you tell them or not. The difference is that in your video there are plenty of opportunities that:

  • Provide REAL value to people (even if these specific people are not likely to use your services in the first place) therefore better ranking on google.
  • You can provide plenty of caveats like: you need a license for X, and do not attempt this particular step at home.
  • In your Do-It-Yourself, you can go into detail about how to TELL if you need a professional.
  • You have the opportunity how to tell customers how not to get scammed on your type of services, meanwhile gaining a ton of credibility and trust at the expense of shady competition.

Final Tidbits to Tweak for Success

IF you DO attempt any of the above, or simply want to add written content to your website/blog. Think about what kind of customer you want the most. For example, one of our clients is a construction company and their most profitable client by far is water extraction and remediation. For those in this business, it is because they make 6-8 times the cost of fixing the situation, clients often have insurance, and the need is immediate. 

So, what kind of words are we using on their web pages? E.g. Title: Water Extraction and Remediation in X city. E.g. Content: Who is the best water extraction company in X city?—Well, X company provides the best in fixing leaks/burst pipes, wind damage, flood damage, and mold remediation etc. Focus on the clients you want.

When Google indexes your site, the search engine crawlers will pick out these words as helpful to those searching for them. The best part…..as you do more and more content focusing on this particular customer and the words they search for, being a local company, you will get a huge boost in SEO because location is one of the most important factors in Google’s search algorithm. This will separate you from the corporate giants like Servpro that might be competing against you on a national level.