Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media

As a business owner, looking at all the ways you can use even a single social media platform can get overwhelming quickly. A friend of mine equated it to a kid trying to drink from a water hose under high pressure. Fortunately, we have a few tips that may help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes that even big companies make while on Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  1. Make a separate social media page for your business. It’s a Big No-No to use a personal page as a business page. Facebook and other platforms don’t like it and will shut it down.
  2. DO NOT HARD SELL on Social Media. Do you ever get tired of corporate posts clogging your feed, having to scroll constantly to find real content? Nobody likes advertising being shoved down their throat–and the last thing you want to do is lose your audience because you don’t provide value to their feed. Think of a good commercial on TV….or these days, on YouTube. What did it entail? Perhaps it was some entertaining or unique content that got you hooked.
  3. Look up Chuck Testa on Youtube and you’ll see a great example of a Taxidermy company doing things right (I still can’t get this guy’s ad out of my brain!). What kind of posts do people find valuable you might ask–Besides humor? Well in our business of SEO, we have found that virtually all companies like to be found on Google, so sharing some tidbits related to SEO, and how it applies to ALL kinds of industries is something people find useful. An author we worked with would do Facebook and Instagram LIVE while reading a chapter of her book. A financial advisor I know posted about their Breakfast on the Balcony monthly event where free food and coffee was offered–and of course some free advice about financial planning and investments. An entire volume could be written about ideas of what you could be posting besides selling. If you need more ideas, just check out what your competition is doing right in other cities.
  4. Like and comment on things you like within your community, even if it is your competition. Engage, engage, engage. You will start to find who is receptive and reciprocating. For many, this is its own form of work, but can be well worth it if you want to beat the algorithms. Even if you only spend 20 minutes every other morning, post and then find a couple pieces of engaging content that resonate, like, then write a real comment. Whoever took the time to post that, won’t miss the effort you took and this is how you start getting fans.
  5. Don’t post too much. Filling up the feeds with posts every couple hours is both exhausting and pointless. It becomes like spam and very quickly all of these platforms will start treating you like Spam; community and algorithms alike do not like this.
  6. Use #HashTags. If you are not familiar with hashtags, here are few things to remember:
    • These are important if you want to get found outside of your network
    • When using hashtags, make sure not to leave any spaces i.e. #DontLeaveAnySpaces
    • Either Google popular hashtags, or go on Instagram and start typing in topics that you think people are searching for related to your article, service, or product. One really nice thing about Instagram is that if you start typing in a hashtag on your post, i.e. #Cats , you will see how many potential people are searching for this topic, and at the same time receive helpful suggestions of other #hashtags that could be related.
    • Don’t use too many Hashtags. There are limits on how many can be used for each platform before being punished. Also, these numbers change often. Using up to 30 hashtags is allowed on Instagram, but it is best not to overdo it. Better to just pick a handful of very popular hashtags, and a few more specific ones like #businessname to start getting more traffic out of your network, while making your business name more searchable.