Stay safe while adding lightning speed to your website.

Finding a clean and optimized server, or host, is important for having lightning fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security.

Premium WordPress hosting with updates and backups. Our servers are optimized to serve your website with dedicated speed and resources.

  • We provide customized solutions too all of our clients to ensure your website operates with Speed, Stability, Security and the ability to Scale. 
  • Here are some technical specifications (don’t worry if you don’t know what this means, WE worry about this stuff for you):
  • Custom-Manager hosting, meaning that we personally manage every element of your website for you (this includes security checks, coding updates, etc).
  • Super fast servers specifically configured to deliver lightning fast website load times.
  • Private server usage limitations. We ensure servers aren’t saturated with a lot of other websites or that you’re ever anywhere near less desirable websites, this helps to ensure excellent server performance.
  • High-Level security, including Antivirus and Malware
  • Scanning (plus removal) so that your site always stays virus/malware free.
  • Firewalls, and DDoS Prevention so that your website always protected from network attacks.
  • Continuous WordPress site/plugins monitoring, so that your website is always up to date and any vulnerabilities are fixed as soon as they’re discovered
  • Daily Backups, so that you always have a safety net in place
  • SSL Certificate, so that the connection between your website and it’s user is secure.
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN), to ensure your webpages are loaded faster.
  • 24/7 Support, meaning you’ll always have someone
    you can call on whenever you need help


Our servers are dedicated and optimized to wordpress websites.


We have weekly backups sent to Amazon S3 with an instant retrieval system.


Always have the latest version of each plugin and theme available.

100% CLEAN

We never accept any adult or pharma websites on our servers.